Exporting Exceptional Quality of Broken Cinnamon Cassia KABC from Vietnam

Welcome to Agrikim, your trusted source for premium spices. If you’re a spice importer in search of the finest broken cinnamon from Vietnam, your search ends here. Introducing BROKEN CASSIA KABC, a remarkable product that combines natural appeal, exceptional quality, and strict adherence to international export standards. In this comprehensive article, we will explore the extraordinary features of our cassia products and why it is the ideal choice for global spice enthusiasts.

broken cassia KABC removed shell

Uncompromising Quality Assurance Delve into Agrikim’s commitment to delivering premium broken cinnamon of the highest quality. Discuss the meticulous selection process of sourcing cassia trees and the expertise involved in handpicking the finest cinnamon barks. Mention the rigorous quality control measures in place to ensure that every batch of BROKEN CASSIA KABC meets the strictest standards.

Specifications of Premium Broken Cinnamon:

  1. 100% Natural: Our BROKEN CASSIA KABC is sourced from the finest cassia trees in Vietnam, ensuring a completely natural and authentic cinnamon experience.
  2. Beautiful Color: The cinnamon exhibits a visually appealing rich color that enhances the presentation and aesthetics of your culinary creations.
  3. Mold-Free: We guarantee that our BROKEN CASSIA KABC is meticulously processed and free from any mold or fungal contamination, ensuring the highest quality and safety.
  4. Moisture Content: With a maximum moisture content of 13%, our cinnamon maintains optimal freshness, flavor, and aroma for an extended shelf life.
  5. Export-Grade Standard: BROKEN CASSIA KABC meets and exceeds international export standards, ensuring its suitability for importers and distributors worldwide.
  6. Packaging: Each carton contains 20kg of BROKEN CASSIA KABC, providing convenient handling, storage, and transportation options.



VIETNAM BROKEN CINNAMON KABC from Agrikim is the epitome of exquisite broken cinnamon from Vietnam. With its natural appeal, uncompromising quality, and adherence to international export standards, BROKEN CASSIA REMOVED SKIN KABC is the perfect choice for spice importers worldwide. Elevate your culinary creations with the enchanting flavor of this exceptional cinnamon variety. For inquiries and the best prices, contact our dedicated Sales Manager, Mrs. Camie, today. Experience the essence of Vietnam’s finest broken cinnamon by choosing Agrikim company as your trustable supplier.

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