Cashew Nuts Export from Vietnam

Cashew Nut export is one of the nuts that consumers around the world widely use, it contains many micronutrients and minerals that are beneficial to health. As one of the exporters of quality cashew nuts in Vietnam, we aim to bring you products that are not only quality but also have high nutritional value.

We are a Vietnam cashew nut processor and exporter. We are jointed stock company deep experienced  in cashew farms in BinhPhuoc provinces, where are center of cashew in Vietnam.
Our cashew nut are dried crispy and roasted salt cashew nut kernels.

Our main cashew grades: WW, SW; SK; LBW;  LP, SP; Roasted Cashewnut

Our Vietnam cashewnut are good quality, good price, our capacity 300mts per month of kernels.

We are professional and careful processing – perfect quality cashewnut

Our factory certified HACCP and ISO22000 certificate

Main factory machines process cashew nuts export:
– Clear and purity
– Organic Fumigation system without chamical
– Metal detectors
– Color sort- technology
– Drying  electric machine
– Vacuum machines with CO2
– Free E.coli and Salmonella by heating machine
– Bio-Forklifts for loading cashewnut  directly into containers

Cashew Nut Processing

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