Newest cashew nuts price: Attractive offers!

Are you an importer seeking the best prices for cashew nuts? Look no further! Our latest update on Vietnam cashew nuts price will provide you with the most competitive deals in the market. Read on to gain clear awareness about the current prices and grab the opportunity to source high-quality cashew nuts at competitive rates.

Newest update on cashew nuts price from Vietnam origin

To ensure you have access to the most accurate and cost-efficient information, we present the latest cashew nuts prices from Vietnam:

Cashew nuts price

FOB HCM. Packing: 2X10kg vacuum in a carton

  • Cashew nuts WW180: $8.15 – $8.6/kg
  • Cashew nuts WW210: $7.1 – $7.5/kg
  • Cashew nuts WW240: $6.3 – $6.6/kg
  • Cashew nuts WW320: $5.6 – $6.0/kg
  • Cashew nuts WW450: $5.1 – $5.4/kg
  • Cashew nuts WS: $4.5 – $4.9/kg


  • Moisture: 4.5% Max
  • Total defect: 8% Max
  • AFI standard

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Overview of Vietnam cashew nuts

Vietnam is renowned for its premium-quality cashew nuts. With a strong reputation for producing deliciously crisp and flavorful cashew nuts, Vietnam has become a preferred sourcing destination for importers worldwide. Not only do Vietnamese cashew nuts meet the highest industry standards, but we also offer a cost-effective option without compromising on quality.

cashew nuts price


In conclusion, hopefully, our latest update on Vietnam cashew nuts prices provides you with the the best choice for purchasing cashew nuts from Vietnam. With competitive pricing and a reputation for superior quality, AGRIKIM is the an ideal manufacturer for importers seeking cost-effective cashew source. Take advantage of these attractive deals on cashew nuts from Vietnam by contact us today to discuss your requirements and move forward!


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