Pepper export market in July 2019 of Vietnam

Although the average export price of pepper export in July has prospered. However, pepper export market in volume continues to decrease to 24.12% compared to the previous month.

Pepper export market
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The preliminary data report of the General Department of Vietnam Customs showed that pepper export in July 2019 reached 23,547 tons. It was from the previous month but increased by 2,241 tons, 10.52% over the same period last year.

The value of export turnover in the month reached US $ 59.97 million, down by US $ 16.06 million over the previous month. And by US $ 6.22 million, by 9.4% over the same period last year.

Accumulated export volume in the first 7 months of 2019 totaled 200,044 tons of pepper of all kinds. An increase of 46,923 tons 30.64% compared to exports in the 7 first months of 2018.

However, the value of pepper export market turnover 7 first months of 2019 reached a total of 511.36 million USD, down 7.15 million USD. It is down 1.38% over the same period.

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The average export price in the period reached US $ 2,547 / ton, up 3.96%. Compared to the average export price of June 2019.

Also, according to the report of Vietnam Customs in the 7 first months of 2019. The US market imported 31,892 tons of pepper of all kinds, with a total value of $ 88.49 million. To be continue the leading import market of pepper of Vietnam.

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