our technologiesWho are we?

Agrikim Import and Export Joint Stock Company has many years of experience in manufacturing and exporting our technologies and high-quality agricultural products all over the world. High-qualified products, competitive prices, and excellent customer service are the factors that enhance customers’ trust in our company. We have achieved an impressive 200% growth each year since our inception. It is a stepping stone for us to reach the goal of entering the top of the leading exporters in the agricultural industry.

What do we have?

We are focused on solutions that take us beyond our four walls to benefit us, broader industry and society as a whole through harnessing technology and unlocking new ideas. To ensure the quality of our products, Agrikim JSC has invested a large amount of budget in hi tech and has undertaken several initiatives. Firstly, our factories are equipped with state of the art drying, cleaning, sorting and packing equipment. They also include storage facilities for storing our products for export. Secondly, Agrikim JSC has partnered with professionals and scientists to train a large number of farmers in pre and post harvest techniques. We also provide premium and bonunes to farmers as incentives to improve the quality of their produce.

What is our factory?

Pepper factory

Agrikim has invested a pepper factory in Central Highlands provinces with modern management system that help us control quality to give customers the satisfaction.

Thanks to modern technology, experienced staff and strong finance base, we can supply all kinds of pepper namely 500 g/l; 530 g/l; 550 g/l; 570 g/l; 580 g/l; 600g/l; 620g/l in FAQ; Cleaned (ASTA) and white pepper. Our pepper products meet strict standards of the US and European countries.

Cashew Nut Factory

Agrikim owns two large-scale factories with 2 hectares for each. Our factories are located in raw material areas so that we can purchase materials directly from farmers. Besides, we also save cost of transportation thus we give competitive price to customers.

Our factories comply with quality management and food safety management systems, so that we process and deliver the food of safety and high quality products, which meet customers’s requirement.

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