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Advantages of Vietnamese green coffee beans in comparison

Vietnam is the second-largest volume and fifth-largest value exporter of coffee in the world. In spite making up only 1.2% of the overall value of all commodities, coffee exports account for more than 10% of the nation’s total agricultural exports on an annual average with a value of around 3 billion USD. Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Russia, Spain, and the US are Vietnam’s top export markets. Robusta Vietnamese green coffee beans make up the majority of Vietnam’s coffee exports, but recently, processed coffee has begun to grow in importance, rising from 5% in 2016 to 12% in volume and 22% in value in 2020.

Vietnam also enjoys a significant competitive advantage when it comes to Robusta green coffee beans for the following reasons.

Advantage in terms of quantity

The biggest advantage of Vietnamese coffee is its large quantity and low price, which is due to a combination of factors:

Natural conditions are favorable: The coffee growing areas in Vietnam are located at an altitude of 400-1,500 MASL; the temperature ranges from 15 to 26 degrees Celsius; and the precipitation and sunlight are ideal for coffee trees.
Farming system specialized: Because most coffee plantations only grow one type of intensive coffee farming, the farming system is optimized for the entire region.
Coffee varieties with high productivity are constantly being researched and bred.
As a result, coffee garden productivity in Vietnam can reach 3.5 MT per hectare, compared to the average of 1.8 MT per hectare in Brazil.

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Agrikim Import and Export Joint Stock Company in Vietnam. Agrikim., JSC is a Vietnamese coffee maker and exporter founded in 2016.

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Vietnamese green coffee beans

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