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Agrikim is one of the best Cigarette Cassia Exporter in Vietnam. We have the cassia and star anise factory in YenBai Province. We exported many types of cassia to clients over the world.

Cigarette Cassia Exporter

Cinnamon is a type of non-timber forest product that is popular and widely used in Vietnam and many countries around the world. In medicine, it is used as medicine to treat diseases of the heart, respiratory and digestive systems. In the food and cosmetic industry, it is used as a seasoning in food processing to stimulate digestion. And as a flavoring in high-end products such as wine, perfume, lotion, etc. In addition, wood Cinnamon has a characteristic aroma and color suitable for interior decoration and household furniture. In particular, cinnamon wood with a small size can also be peeled to produce plywood with light and beautiful characteristics, suitable for use in interior decoration, which is favored by many people.

Located in the north of Yen Bai province, Van Yen district has a natural area of ​​over 139 thousand hectares. Due to the high mountainous terrain, located in a climate suitable for the growth of cinnamon trees. Que Van Yen area has been formed for a long time and is associated with the life of the Dao people. The Dao people in Van Yen are industrious, hard-working, attached to the cinnamon tree and the cinnamon profession, so the typical cinnamon growing experiences such as: selecting varieties, planting trees, caring, harvesting and preserving are also imbued with cultural identity. Dao ethnicity.

Since ancient times, Cinnamon has been one of the four precious herbs known as the “four treasures of oriental medicine” including ginseng, velvet, cinnamon, and auxiliary. Nowadays, cinnamon is used more and more in medicinal herbs and as cosmetic ingredients, and indispensable spice in many dishes. Cinnamon tree not only helps Van Yen people to eliminate hunger, reduce poverty, and get rich. It is an economic and cultural “symbol” of the Dao community. But contributes to greening bare land, and bare hills and protecting the environment. school.

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