Cracked Pepper

Cracked Black Pepper
  • Moisture: 12% max
  • Size: cracked 1/2
  • Origin: Vietnam
  • Packing: 25/50kgs in kraft bags with PE inside or customizing

Black Pepper Cracked has a much coarser texture, composed as it is of peppercorn chunks and much finer pepper grounds. Ground pepper, on the other hand, has a fine, consistent texture throughout your dish.


Product Name Cracked Black Pepper
Product Type Single Herbs & Spices
Processing Type Fried
Color Natural Black
Place of Origin Vietnam
Shelf Life 2 years
Moisture 13% max
Admixture 0,2% max; Free from dust, no extraneous matters
Size 1/2
Style Dried
Drying Process AD
Shape Cracked
Packing In PP/ PE/ Kraft bags or buyer’s option
MOQ 16 Tons
Capacity 16 MTS/20FT,  27 MTS/40FT
Samples Free or Available
Lead time 7-10 days
Payment T/T, D/P, L/C
Brand Agrikim

1. Cracked vs Ground Pepper Comparison

Texture Flavor Role in a dish
Ground Grade Fine, consistent, and typically unnoticeable in your meal – you will almost exclusively notice the flavor of ground pepper, not its texture. Mildly spicy – this will accentuate other flavors typically without dominating them. Supportive. Ground pepper exists to color other spices, not to take center stage itself.
Cracked Grade Coarse and inconsistent – elements of the disappearing fine grind, but now with fragments of peppercorn scattered throughout that add crunch and an explosion of flavor. Bold, intense, and aggressive. Cracked pepper will almost invariably be noticeable in your dish, and in a good way. A prominent role. If you include cracked pepper in your dish, get ready to experience how it plays off the other flavors. Its intensity is delightfully hard to ignore.



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