Agrikim Attend Sial Paris 2022 International Exhibition

This is the first time Agrikim attend Sial, Sial has given us many opportunities to display our products. We have prepared for this fair with our best to bring the best products and best service to all clients worldwide. 

We have prepared six target products as cashew nuts, pepper, and green coffee beans for the EU market, beside cassia star anise, and desiccated coconut for visitors nearly.


On first day Agrikim Attend Sial Paris

Fortunately, we received the attention of many customers when We’ve just attended the SIAL Paris. We were surprised when the visiting cards and brochures ran out on the first day of the launch. 

“We’re back and what a 2nd day it will be great! Let’s reminisce on our tremendous launch day with a photo recap!

We’re glad to welcome you, exhibitors, and visitors.”

On second-day Agrikim Attend Sial Paris

The first day was blast, it made us very excited and hope to reap a lot of success in this market. We are always ready to help visitors choose the right product for their target market.


On the third day Agrikim Attend Sial Paris

Moreover, Full of emotion with many clients from regions over the world. We have the opportunity to introduce ourselves and our products to them and discover the exhibitors and their target market. Until the third day in Sial Paris, we met hundreds of customers and signed contracts right here. 

We thank you so much for trusting us and make long business with us.

On the fourth day Agrikim Attend Sial Paris

On the fourth day, we spent time visiting exhibitors as our customers in their booths. We have received many invitations and we are also thanks for that. 

We have taken many photos with them with the best emotion.

The final day Agrikim Attend Sial 

On the last day, we only had a little time in the morning to clean up. We have sent all of our exhibits to our customers as samples.

We really want to thank the organizers of the Sial Paris 2022 International Exhibition this year and especially the Vietnam Pepper Association for giving us the opportunity to contribute to the development of the dry agriculture industry. 

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