Black Pepper and White Pepper: What’s the Difference?

Black pepper and White Pepper
Black pepper and White Pepper Vietnam

How many various types of pepper (an simply organic spices)?

Vietnam Pepper is one of the most popular peppers in the world. Both white and black peppers come from the same plant and are used as pepper seasoning. In order to use these spices effectively, it is important to know the basic difference between them.

Both black and white peppercorns are berries from the piper nigrum plant. The primary difference between them is a matter of processing. Usually people are familiar with black peppercorns picked when the berries are about to ripe. These berries are sun-dried after picking which darkens their outer layer.

On the other hand, white peppercorns, the outer layer of the berry is removed either before or after and it is dried so that only the white inner seed is left. The outer layer can be removed in a couple of ways. For instance, the berry may be soaked in water and this allows the skin to fall off. Another way of removing the skin involves washing the skin off with a continuous flow of water by machine. The latter method creates a cleaner final product and is less time consuming. At Agrikim, we choose the latter method for ensuring the quality of the final product to our customer.

What is the differences between black pepper and white pepper?

Black pepper
Black peppercorns

Black pepper is hotter!

By the time the whole black pepper dries, it has such a strong flavour freshly grounded. Black pepper is rich and bolder. It also has a lot of heat, along with a strong aroma. If you have a milder palette, white pepper is best for you. The flavor is light, earthy and simple. It is useful for spicing up dishes that just need a pinch of flavour. If you are not a fan of heat, white pepper is best for you.

Black pepper benefits

black pepper vietnam

Agrikim.JSC Viet Nam pepper

Apart from enhancing the flavour of the dish, the king of spices is known to offer a number of health benefits. Regular intake of black pepper in the diet aids in weight loss, improves digestion, boosts metabolism, treat skin problems, asthma, treats sinus and nasal congestion. It also reduces the risk of cancer and heart and liver ailments. The nutritionist further adds, ” black pepper aids digestion by stimulating enzymes and juices. It is also a remedy that cures cold and cough by stimulating circulation and mucous flow.”

Health benefits of white pepper

white pepper vietnam

White pepper works best for those suffering from loss of appetite as it enhances appetite and promotes healthy gout. The spice helps to get rid of secretions from airways. It is also used to treat constipation as it supports large intestine peristalsis and accelerates metabolism. It has anti-inflammatory effect and also freshens breath. It enhances the immune system and tones the overall body. It purifies the body from harmful toxins and promotes circulation. The regular intake of white pepper protects from various cardiovascular diseases and cancers. Monisha goes on to say, ” White pepper helps in preventing cancer by preventing formation of free radicals. It also aids in weight loss due to the presence of capsaicin, that burns fat in the body.”

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