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Agrikim is one of the best exporters of Ground Cassia. Spicy and sweet, this Agrikim cinnamon is our most popular varietal. Its high volatile oil content makes the bark extremely potent. Vietnamese cinnamon is fiery, rich, fragrant, and amazing with chocolate or in cinnamon rolls, where it can be the entire flavor.

ground cassia

We have a team who can take care of all the steps from making designs for packing and checking the quality before loading. That way the clients are so happy and trust us when we make business.

We have exported to many countries over the world like India, Russia, USA,… Our products have also get FDA certificate and Health Certificate. We will provide CO for each cargo to the importing country.


Cassia and cinnamon both come from the bark of a tree that is a member of the laurel family. To produce cinnamon, the tree’s bark is harvested, dried and fermented, then its outer layer is removed. As it dries, the inner bark curls into thin strips, or quills.

Cassia is botanically known as Cinnamomum aromaticum or Cinnamomum cassia. It is harvested in a similar process as cinnamon, but it has a stronger flavor.

You may be surprised to learn that most commercial ground cinnamon is actually cassia or a combination of cinnamon and cassia. This practice is permitted with no restriction by most countries, including the United States. So cassia is not necessarily another name for cinnamon; it is a completely different spice, although they are related.

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